0 SPF Race thoughts

As I pulled out of the driveway this morning to get ice for the race at 4:30am  Rusted Root was playing “Send Me On My Way” – One of my favorite bands – The song was perfectly timed –

I was off on a journey to be the Race Director for the 0 SPF Trail 1/2 Marathon – I had worked for months with my fellow #TrailsRoc  crew to pull off an event that we were promising people would be top notch.

If I knew what a fulfilling journey today would take on for me I would have started this a long time ago –

The night before, feeling the course was not how I expected it to be – I mowed the “powerlines hill” and a 1/2 mile long path through an open field with a push mower – I then set about marking the course with Ben – In all the night before I spent 8 hours on the trail in 95 degree heat at 92% humidity.

TheN the storms came – All night it rained – It thundered – It lightning crashed  – Then is passed – The sun almost came out as runners went off on their own special journey.

120 runners finished our race today  – A brutal course with 4600 feet of elevation change – I greeted every single runner at the finish line with a “Welcome home” a “You made it” or a “Congrats”

Greeting runners at the finish is so rewarding!

Greeting runners at the finish is so rewarding!

I was greeted in turn with “fuck you that course was insane” and “If I wasn’t exhausted I would strangle you right now” and a few other choice words – Mostly though I was greeted back with the look of triumph – Of:


That look on all 120 runners faces made everything worth it – It made the long meetings – the dealings with towns – The bugs at 8pm marking the trail – the push mowing a 200 foot high hill – The late nights – the registration questions – and everything that goes into a race — Worth it.

Those looks – and the jovial responses of “F off” Made me smile inside and out.

I thought early on in the process that one thing I wanted to do was high five or hug every single finisher as they crossed the line – I did today and it made me realize – this is where I am supposed to be. This is what I am supposed to be doing.

When I was pulling into the driveway — as if on cue – Send Me On My Way played again – It was eeery – Almost a sign of sorts –

There is another journey out there for me – There is something to be made of this – I have to find it – But I am sure of one thing – I am on my way.

9 responses to “0 SPF Race thoughts

  1. Today was our first half marathon and we DID IT!! The trails were challenging,well marked and maintained. The volunteers along the route were awesome supporters for us. The exhilaration Stacey and I
    experienced crossing the finish line will never be forgotten. Eric, you did an outstanding job. Cheers! Scott Allen

  2. Great job, Eric! I was sorry to miss this event. Have you thought about doing a fall flavor of it?

  3. Coming from New Mexico running trails, I was pleasantly surprised by the course. Loved the hills and challenge of the race. Thanks for hosting a well organized event. I’ll be scheduling my vacations back to New York around your races in the future🙂

    P.S. Thanks for all that organic nut butter!

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