Columbia Ravenous Lite Review #omniten

Intro: As many of you know I am one of the lucky Ten chosen to be part of #omniten from Columbia – With this comes the opportunity to try some great gear and introduce you to some awesome stuff as well.

With that said I am very excited to share with you my first #omniten review. The Columbia Ravenous Lite Trail Shoe.


This is a shoe I have been looking at for some time – We tried them on just a little while back while visiting the Columbia store- but sneakers were not in the budget that day so needless to say I was excited to receive them.

From the website:

Designed for lightweight speed and streamlined, minimalist comfort, this shoe features a low-profile upper and grippy lugged sole to keep you moving quickly over tricky terrain.



  • Omni-Grip rubber with traction on the forefoot, midfoot and heel for whatever conditions you encounter
  • Techlite 5/10 forefoot to heel off-set, super close to ground ride
  • Simple and lightweight mesh upper combined with minimal internal frame creates form fitting feel
  • Waterproof materials and construction method
  • Weight: size 9, ½ pair = 6.5 oz/192.2 g



    Lightweight mesh
    Techlite, forefoot nylon rock guard
    High traction rubber


The highlights: 

1. The shoe looks great – I am a sucker for solid design – I posted a photo on twitter and people went nuts over the design.

2. The ability to “feel” the ground yet still have my feet protected – We ran the root covered trails of Durand Eastman Park last night and my feet were happy as ever!

3. A good shoe is not noticeable when on your foot – That’s how these ended up being for me. Too many shoes have a problem here – a problem there – not many just “disappear” from your feet.

4. Plenty of grip – We ran up – we ran down – I ran on side hills – I jumped onto logs – over boulders – all to test it in every condition  I could- It wasn’t muddy, so there is one more condition to check – But this shoe passed with flying colors last night.

5. Cost – While you all know I got these from Columbia – the fact is a top notch trail shoe normally runs over 100 dollars. This is normally 80 – right now 59 from the website. You can’t beat that.


Room for improvement:

1. The tread is not super aggressive, so how well it will hold to the trails during mud season is to be tested later – The smaller tread will likely wear out quickly if I am running a lot of hard pack or road transitions (last night I spent a mile on the road transitions).

2. For such a minimal shoe it still has a relatively narrow toe box – Much wider than the Kinvara TR yet nothing like a Merrell or New Balance Minimus

Overall:  This low profile shoe offers just enough protection from rocks and roots for runners with an efficient neutral stride – I would not suggest it for a big time heel striker or a “Thumper”  – You know – the guy stomping along behind you. I am light on my feet – with agile steps – so this shoe is IDEAL for me.

The price point – the quality of the build – and the slimming design makes this shoe attractive for any trail runner. I know you don’t often see Columbia in your specialty running shoe store – take my word for it though – This is a shoe worth trying (it fits true to size btw.)

Hit up the links above – and check this one out – I promise you won’t regret it.


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