Muddy Sneaker 20k Trail Race Report

What:  The Muddy Sneaker 20k Trail Run – Over 4,000 feet of elevation change in just 12 miles or so… Well -why don’t we let them tell you about it.

From The website: The Muddy Sneaker is a trail run in the high tor wilderness area in the finger lakes region of  New York State.  It has some of the most rapid elevation loss and gain of any trail run in the  region.

During the MuddySneaker it is possible that you can encounter any or all of the  following hazards: Rocks, Roots, Snow, Ice, Crawling under logs, Crawling over logs, Stream  Crossings, Oversize chickens and other wild creatures.

If you are wishing to do a 20K run and want to compete against the clock and are hoping to set your PR you may want to look
elsewhere.  If however you want to test yourself against nature and your own will to finish, this is  the race for you.


Photo Credit: Debbie Piotrowski

The Weather:  Started sunny and windy – became cloudy and windy – then we had a blizzard and windy – then back t0 a bit of sun and windy – So really – It was windy – and in the 30’s

Overall time:   2:17:01  – I was hoping for 2:05… woops.


Overall;  82 out of 162 –




Must think I am Michael Jordan huh?

Elevation chart: 

Check that finish

Check that finish


High Points: –  Finishing – splashing  in the creeks- running great on the single track – having a lot of fun.

Swag Bag – a New Balance Lighting dry shirt – A pair of SmartWool PhD Run Socks – A 32oz Nalgene Bottle. Being surrounded by some awesome trail runners!

0420130752a 0420130753

Low Points:  Sucking at climbing -sucking at climbing – sucking at climbing – That’s all. The climbs are intense on this course

Thanks Ian Weber for capturing one of the long climbs.

Thanks Ian Weber for capturing one of the long climbs.

The guys I run and train with – They all killed me today – I should have been about 15 minutes faster than I was – That is a strange feeling no matter how much fun you are having out there.

431833_10201184504680996_1823924377_n     69046_10201184530761648_2125364698_n

 Thoughts moving forward:   I love single track. I am fast – efficient – confident – and run strong – I climb ok on steep short climbs – The Muddy Sneaker was long slow climbs though – lasting more than a mile, sometimes 2 miles at a time. It was hard fast descents – and a bit of fun single track – I need to improve my climbing and the only way to do that is to cut some pounds. So – Thats the goal – Plus ya know, it’s almost bikini season😉

The essence of Trails2Brews right here.

The essence of Trails2Brews right here.

This was the first race of the TrailsRoc Trail Runner of The Year series – Can’t wait to experience the others!!

Hand Over Heart #Bostonstrong Photo Credit: Debbie Piotrowski

Hand Over Heart #Bostonstrong
Photo Credit: Debbie Piotrowski

All in all I had a blast – I will run this course next spring. I should drop some serious time – I will have just as much fun. Thanks to Goose Adventure Racing for putting on this amazing event!

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