#Omniten from Columbia


Last year a few of the bloggers I follow got invited to be part of something called “Omniten” from Columbia – As a long time fan boy of all things Columbia I was drooling with jealousy as my blogging friends got an opportunity to go on an amazing trip – They tested amazing gear – They made amazing long lasting relationships!

I watched – I kept wearing my Columbia gear – and chatting with the Omniten team – and then today – I got home from work after a long and stressful week – and I found this.


I opened it up and noticed the box was full of goodies –


Then – the letter….


I was being offered a chance to join the Spring/Summer 2013 Omniten team!!!

What is Omniten?

“Omniten is a group of people that we’ve identified as particularly influential in the outdoor world and the twittersphere. We want to learn more about you and we hope that you’ll want to learn more about us. As part of the program, we will provide you with early access to our new technologies and gear. If you’re up for it, we’ll also bring you along (at our expense) as we test out our new gear in epic locations. And best of all, you’ll be recognized by your followers as one of the only ten tweeps to earn the title of #omnitten”

Wow!! Ten of us  – getting the opportunity of a lifetime!

What does this mean?

I get to test out some awesome gear –

I get to purchase my Columbia gear at wholesale pricing – which is awesome.

I also get to go on an “epic trip” – Where? Who knows  – It’s a secret right now- I know last summer was the Grand Canyon and Havasu Falls and it was done in style check out these links for proof:

Here and here

So – Let me first say “Thank You” to Columbia – I have been fingers crossed on this for a long time now – I am excited to be given this opportunity. Let’s see where it takes us! Stay tuned for updates – Leave me a comment below if you have ever used any Columbia gear – I would love to hear if you love it as much as I do!


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