Adventure #3 Shopping

Shopping??? You bet – Sheila has been talking about going to the outlets for sometime now – It’s about a 45 minute drive from our house, so we figured spring break was a good time to get out there.

I was game for a few reasons. 1. A road trip is fun for us. 2. Time with Sheila is fun for me. and 3. Some of my favorite outdoor and endurance companies are at this outlet – Champion  – Merrell – and especially Columbia.Nike is there – Puma is there – Eddie Bauer is there  – In other words – it’s awesome.

It’s a good place to kill some time – Right, Nike?

We stopped at all of those. Especially the big 3!

At Champion, Sheila managed to snag two new sports bras for 50% off – A deal and a half – I got a new pair of shorts and a new t-shirt that Champion has created that to be honest – is the softest feeling tech shirt I have ever had on.

It is called Vapor Technology – Fast drying – Soft feel – Flat seems -perfect.

From Champion we went over to Merrell – Sheila found a shirt she loved – and about 600 shoes – we decided to come back to get the shirt when we finished shopping everywhere else- it was 10 bucks.. but we forgot to go back.


Then it was off to Columbia – Columbia – with no doubt is my absolute favorite outdoors/adventure company – I have never owned a product from them that I have not loved.

We checked out the new spring line – we looked at the sale coats – but mostly I was there to check out the Columbia Ravenous Lite – I am on the search for a low key trail shoe from a company I trust!


They didn’t have any in my size – but They did have 1 pair in Sheilas size… just not the color she wanted.

So from here, off to the food court (nothing good) – In to a bunch of stores I had no real interest in and then for the drive home🙂

I had fun – I am not much of a shopper – But I did have fun. I can usually shop online – or I go to a store in with something specific in mind and I get in and out.

It was nice to just shop and not hurry – and just take our time. Again – Going back to #2 – I always have fun with Sheila! The weather is nice – and the adventures will be heating up – Who is in to join us for some?

2 responses to “Adventure #3 Shopping

  1. I love outlet days—I’m a big Banana Republic gal and the outlets are so much cheaper! And I love going for kitchen stuff🙂

    You know, if you’re looking for a low profile, minimalist trail shoe, check out the Merrell Mix Master Glide. I tested it out for a running article a few weeks ago, not expecting to trade in my previous trail shoes, but I totally have! Love them. Just ran in them yesterday actually🙂 Roomy toe box too, which I love.

    • I do spend some times in Merrell. I have the trail glove -They have held up INCREDIBLY well- my foot doesnt seem to enjoy them as much as my mind does though… odd… i know.

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