Inspiration #HAWMC

I am taking a tiny break from the Health Activist Writers Monthly Challenge to write about some things a bit different this week. I am not a pinterest fan because of the terms of service, so I do not use the network. With that said, on Sunday I was honored to receive a “Very Inspirational Blogger Award”

The fine folks over at No Meat Bare Feet sent this award my way. I love their blog so I was thrilled to notice they think I can be inspiring because they do such a great job of inspiring themselves!

The idea of the award is to thank the one who sent it your way and then  list 7 random things about yourself. Once you do this, you should regift the award to 7 blogs that inspire you.

7 things.

1. I love doing some chores and hate others. I will sweep and mop a floor, I will pull weeds in the garden, I will dust and organize but I HATE laundry. I also can’t stand putting away the dishes. I have no issue cleaning them, but for some reason putting them away annoys me.

2. I think less is more. We recently tried to find 100 things to get rid of and I could not find them. I really do not have a lot of “stuff”. I would honestly be OK living in an RV or a 1 bedroom place somewhere. That won’t work when we have kids, but I could pull it off now.

3. We love camping. We have a family tent, a backpacking tent, hammock tents, we use them all. The hammocks are my favorite for saving space, but they stink because then we are not sleeping next to each other… but boy oh boy are the comfortable.

4. I love technology (especially the internet and my blog) but I do understand the need for less. We got rid of cable TV we use an antenna (which is awesome) hi-def for free.. I can pull about 20 channels of good programming, 10 of those are in hi-def. We could not justify paying 100 dollars a month for something we hardly used.

5. I began running with minimal shoes about 6 years ago. I had the very first version of the Nike Free 5.0. When I purchased the first pair, I was told “these are for cross training, if you run in them you will get hurt”. When I moved to Rochester I went to fleet feet and asked about the Free and I was actually told that it was “a silly fad”. I didn’t know what to say, I was told I should be in a neutral shoe with cushioning. I was thrilled when Fleet Feet began offering the Free and some other minimal line shoes. I had bought into and was sharing the foot strike movement (which led to minimal shoes) well before it boomed – For me it was my own experimenting and my own documenting that led me to start researching. I was amazed at what I found matched my beliefs. I think the right shoe is the shoe that works best for each individual, but I do believe everyone could benefit from proper running form.

6. I believe that eating meat is really cruel. The way we farm in this country is scary. I can’t imagine how we would react if we ever saw a dog or cat treated the way we treat cows… Our choice of ignorance scares me. With that said, I have not yet totally eliminated meat from my diet. I think almost everyone would eat less meat if they had to kill it themselves or if they had to visit the farm the meat came from. If you eat meat, think about going free range. I don’t say this as a judgement (I am guilty as heck here). I say it out of compassion… it’s pitiful the way we treat what we eat. I would like to continue on the vegetarian path… it’s been a process for us.

7.  I wish I  had not gone to college. I actually wish I had not paid for college. I love learning, love reading, love writing, but do not love student loan payments. I hardly find them to be worth the money. I do not think the value of the education is worth it. I love my job, but I would love to with even more simplicity. I often have no interest in being in charge, no interest in the reports and data needed. I worked as a stock boy for a few companies in high school and college and loved it. If I did not have student loans, I could still work a job like that and not worry about finances…. If you have a plan, and can be motivated, college is not always the answer. (Education is) but college is not the only way to become educated.

Those are my 7 things, and now for my 7 blogs to pass this on to. 1st how do I choose only 7? Second I want to find equal parts male and female. I think many more women are blogging, and many of you mommys are inspiring with your pregnant workouts, and child birth recovering workouts, and training with kid work outs, but the guys are inspiring too, so they get a spot here with me!

1. ManVsDebt – Here is the simplicity I am talking about. They sold everything. I mean everything and decided to live with only what the needed. It is so impressive and so motivational to me. Many great hints on how to save money and how to live a much more simple, minimal, and meaningful lifestyle.

2. NoMeatBarefeet – These guys gave me this award, but if I had seen it first I would have given it to them. This blog is awesome. I love their love for trails, I love their passion for living a meat free lifestyle, and I love the simple charm they seem to have for each other. This is a blog that will motivate you to run some trails, and give you some amazing new recipes to try out while following along what is becoming a pretty awesome life story!

3. Banana Buzz Bomb- Do you love bananas? No joke, the simple reason I started reading this blog was to read a story about a girl who ate nothing but bananas… it was so interesting. Now Heidi has ventured out to triathalons, vegan food, simple life. She is unique and motivating enough to be chosen by Columbia to test new stuff (can you say I am jealous). Because I am

4. From couch potato to ironwoman – a fellow Rochester runner! I have been following her and her husbands journey in to the world of triathalon for some time now. I am continually impressed with the work they both put in and I cannot wait to see how the event turns out! Sometimes I think it is hard to see your own hard work as motivating, so I want them to know what they do motivates me!

5. Just a colorado gal – We share of a love of the outdoors, of hiking, camping, and getting away from it all. I have read some posts about her back country trips that have literally made me want to pack my gear into the truck and drive to Colorado to hit some of those same places! There is nothing like the outdoors. Nothing. I love the recaps and all the ideas for future and dream places to hike and camp.

6. NYC running mama – Here is my obligatory mamma runner post. There were so many to choose from but Michelle is super inspirational as she has  a child and is currently training while the next is on the way. Her blog makes me love running even more and makes me certain we will be able to run when our kiddies start showing up! Reading about parents who still rock the races is awesome. Check her blog out and you will also learn about running in nyc in addition to running while pregnant. Add to this that she is a running coach and you are well on your way to reading about one of the most inspirational runners out there.

7. A Veteran Runnah –  I have often received comments from Harold that just end up being fantastic advice. I do not know if he does this on purpose, but it is really appreciated. His blog is about running, but it is so varied that he covers lifestyle, food, computers, he reviews gear, and like me, he fights cold winters and runs outside anyway! I love his blog, and think you can draw some inspiration from it yourself.

So those are my 7… check them out, let me know what you think. Better yet, let THEM know what you think.

Once you are insipred, it’s simple to keep on keepin on!

6 responses to “Inspiration #HAWMC

  1. Awww, yay! Thanks!!! You SHOULD pack up and come hiking– I’m an enabler on that one🙂

  2. Great post – I definitely need to get rid of sooooo much stuff in my house. I am with you on the laundry and dishes. I’ll wash laundry all day but almost refuse to put it away. Thankfully that’s the hubby’s job. And he’ll do the dishes.

  3. Thanks for mentioning me (us)! I’m glad to know that our hard work is motivating at least one person🙂 You motivate me too!

  4. I am totally with you on #6. I wish grass fed good farmed meat was accessible in my stores. Its on of the reasons I have, at times, gone vegetarian/vegan/raw food. Mass agriculture stinks.

  5. Great post, Eric! You sound like my hubby for #1 – he has NO problems doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, but hates vacuuming and cleaning bedrooms, dusting, etc. I’m just grateful he likes to do a few things – he does those and I do the rest =)

    Thanks for including me in this! I’m honored to be on your list =)

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