Celliant Performance Pack – A review

Intro:  I received a tweet about a week ago from a company called Celliant. They simply asked if I was interested in trying out a performance pack from them to help ease what I had tweeted about as “sore quads” after a killer leg workout.

I was sent a pair of socks, 2 wrist bands and a headband. The design was great. I love when a company gets design done right, it means they really care about what they are doing.

I have to be honest, there is a bit of me being skeptical with a product such as this actually increasing oxygen and recovery.

Celliant has science that they state backs up their claims here. Take a look.

Some details: 

From the Celliant site :

Celliant is a technology that modifies visible and infrared light, recycling them into energy that the body can use more effectively. When Celliant is worn as clothing, or placed near the body (like in a bed liner or a blanket), it redirects this recycled energy back to the body increasing blood flow and blood oxygen levels in the tissue.

Celliant effectively modifies both visible and infrared light so it does not need to be exposed to a light source to function. The increased blood flow and blood oxygen levels in the tissue help muscles and joints combat stiffness, soreness and edema caused by aging, injury or arthritis.

Many satisfied users have described the effects of better oxygenation in the body. More recently, the beneficial effects of Celliant fabric materials have been measured in a series of clinical studies among diabetics and healthy subjects.

The Highlights: The material everything is made out of is very comfortable. The design is great. I like the green on black and really like the logo.

The socks were very comfortable, but white. I am a dark sock wearer, but if the performance was great, I could care less about color.

The same with the head and wrist bands – They were really comfortable. They look good, they feel good. But do they work?


The lowlights: I have to be honest. I felt no difference. I also have to be honest. The socks that we bought at Old Navy – Moisture Wicking ones with some arch support left my feet feeling less tired than any other product I have ever used. I even slept one night in the socks and had a wrist band after a pretty tough workout. I felt no different from these than any other product. (2 workouts, 1 night sleeping).

Overall: I have to be honest, I am still a skeptic. I felt no improvement, or in general no difference while wearing these products than while I do from wearing target, starter, or even Old Navy socks. The product as performance apparel was wonderful. Comfortable, fashionable, usable. They just didn’t do what I was told they would do.


***** RocTheRun has reviewed this product on his own– Celliant did supply the product free of charge ******

5 responses to “Celliant Performance Pack – A review

  1. Hi Eric

    Thanks for your review. I know that we already reached out to you on Twitter and shared your post with our community but we wanted to drop by and follow up.If any of your readers have any questions about the science, please feel free to reach out to us on our Facebook page. (http://facebook.com/celliant). Have you used your Celliant products since you first posted this in January? Skeptic or not, we’d love to hear your experience.

    We are constantly testing our technology and finding new ways of showing people how it can help them (for recovery, during training, etc). Thanks again for linking to our clinical studies so that people can read more and test the tech for themselves.

    Best of luck on your future training!

    David & the Celliant Social Media Team

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